Training Your Scottish Terrier


$19.90 $9.90



Training Your Scottish Terrier, With The Whole Kilt & Kaboodle Scottie Artworks!

Just Look At What This Powerful Book Includes!

  • Not A Dog For A Lenient Owner!

  • Want To Make Your Scottie Dog Friends And Colleagues Jealous?

  • Some Dog Training Tips – There Are No Magic Potions!

  • Puppies Are Not All Fun And No Work!

  • Your Scottie Needs To Learn To Trust You, Not Fear You!

  • You Can Teach Your Dog Anything!

  • Sometimes The Kennel Isn’t The Godsend Some Think It Is.

  • Finding Dog Training For Your Scottie, ONLINE!

  • Some Different Dog Training Techniques – The “Nothing In Life Is Free” Technique

  • And much, much more!

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