Best Affordable Dog Food

The best affordable dog food is not always the cheapest brand. Read on

Many dog owners pay scant attention to what they feed their dogs. Often, they base their decision solely on price, rather than taking the time to find out what the food actually contains. If they did they’d be shocked to find that these cheap dog food products often contain ingredients that are harmful to their dogs.

Best Affordable Dog Food

“Cheap” dog food may actually be a lot more expensive than you think, as I’ll show you later.For now, lets just concentrate on ways to select the best affordable dog food for your dog.

Dogs need an omnivorous diet, with both meat and vegetables at a ratio of about 50/50. What is not needed is the grain based fillers in most commercial dog chow. Want to know if your favorite dog food brand meets this requirement? Simple, just read the label.

Unfortunately, labels sometimes appear to be written in a foreign language, so here’s a short-cut to finding out what you need to know. Just look at the first five listed ingredients, and if they are meat based products, the food will probably meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

Not that all grains are bad. It’s just that cheap dog foods use grains as filler to increase the food’s protein content. Grains like rice, barley, millet and oats can actually provide a dog with vitamins, minerals and fiber, but they should be fed whole.

You should also take note of artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives. Many of these are chemical based and may be harmful to your dog. In fact, some chemical preservatives have been shown to be a contributing factor to various cancers. Preferably, you should choose a product that uses natural preservatives, like Vitamin C and E.

Checking labels can be tedious, but there’s a much easier way to ensure that the dog food you buy is giving your dog the optimum nutrition he needs. Just buy the best affordable dog food, which is usually a premium, vet approved dog food brand.

Now you’ll probably look at the price of these products and wince. They do seem very expensive but as with most things in life, quality costs more. You may recall that at the beginning of the article I suggested that buying cheap was not the way to go. Here’s why that is.

Best Affordable Dog Food | Why Buying Cheap Is More Expensive

Cheap brands are generally low in nutritional value. You’ll have to feed your dog considerably more to get the same level of nutrition. And with more food comes the threat of obesity, which is behind a whole plethora of canine ailments. Plus the ingredients in the cheap dog food brand are low quality, so your dog will likely develop allergies, skin conditions, and more serious conditions. All of this will require veterinary treatment, and I don’t have to tell you how costly that can be.

Feeding a premium brand means you can feed smaller quantities, so that “expensive” brand of kibble lasts longer and also passes quality nutrition to your dog. Your dog will also pass less waste, so there’s less for you to pick up!

The bottom line? Be careful what you feed your dog and always buy the best affordable dog food, not just the cheapest brand.


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